Alpha Shredded

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  • 4 wk supply 
  • Dosing: 1 am & 1 pm 
  • Run for (4 - 8wks) 12 wks is acceptable 
  • For very dry lean mass, hardness and  muscularity 
  • Big boost in drive and aggression in the gym 




  • Epiandrosterone (100mg)
  • 1,4 OHP (converts to boldenone aka equipoise) (25mg)
  • Beta ecdysterone (50mg)

    Epiandrosterone is another pure DHT derivative similar to the one used in Cyclostane but with more drive, energy and aggression . Epiandro exhibits a more balanced anabolic to androgenic activity both double that of testosterone. Best used by males looking to limit estrogenic activity as much as possible, this is because it cannot aromatize into estrogen like other compounds. DHT can also affect the neuromuscular system, which undoubtedly helps with physical performance and adaptability to a program. Note that DHT compounds as a whole do not cause much growth, more of a performance or lean bulk product. But again we know that a "cutting" or “dry” compound can be effectively used for "bulking" if calories are present. I would recommend not stacking with an estrogen blocker IE: E-Shred if size is the goal. The Epiandro in Alpha Shredded makes it fantastic as a standalone product but also easily stackable with other anabolics for users wanting to really drive results. 


    Boldenone is a derivative of testosterone that acts significantly less androgenic than testosterone because of it being a poor substrate for 5a-reductase enzyme. This is positive because it eliminates a lot of the negative androgenic side effects. It also converts to estrogen at half the rate of testosterone. Though it still has androgenic activity it favors being an anabolic. This is best reserved for males looking to bulk up. Results expected would very quality muscle mass vs quantity, notable increases in vascularity and appetite(another plus for the mass cycles but not unbearable on a cut cycle) 


    Beta ecdysterone is very structurally similar to anabolic androgenic steroids but without the androgenic activity. This means that the safety of Beta Ecdysterone is significantly higher than compounds with a high androgenic activity. Besides the mild increase in anabolic effects (always good) they also have an impressive list of beneficial side effects in mammals. These benefits include lower cholesterol and blood glucose, anti-inflammatory, protective effects on neuro tissues, and improved intestine and liver health; all of these would be highly beneficial to the advance supplement user and really beneficial to all athletes. 


    What can we expect from Alpha Shredded? 

    Alpha Shredded can be leveraged for a broad spectrum of users. In a mass cycle as a standalone I feel we’d see a solid 4 - 6lbs of SMM while dropping PBF, while on a cut cycle we’d be able to aggressively cut calories without running the risk of losing muscle or sacrificing recovery and strength. The first noticeable effects would be a profound drive and endurance in the gym, you just won’t burn out; then we should notice a nice filling out or full look followed by the hardness after 2 weeks. 


    What to stack it with?


    Stackable products for mass:

    • Trenatestin 
    • Androdrol 
    • Epigrow
    • Anabolic Pump
    • Laxobolic 

    Stackable products for cutting

    • Laxobolic 
    • Cyclostane
    • E-Shred

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