Anabolic Pump - Natural Muscle Builder For Men and Women

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  • Arachidonic Acid 10% (1000mg) Arachidonic acid (ARA) is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid that is found naturally in many foods including chicken, beef, eggs, and fish. This fatty acid is considered biologically essential because it plays many important roles in health including infant development, cognitive functioning, immunity, inflammation and healing, insulin sensitivity, and bone mineral density. Arachidonic acid is also deeply involved in the process of muscle growth, triggering key signaling pathways within the muscles that facilitate protein synthesis and anabolism. ARA supplementation for 8 weeks during a resistance-training program has been shown to break training plateau (stagnation) in experienced weightlifters, significantly increasing lean body mass (muscle size), strength, peak muscle power, and average muscle power. Arachidonic acid supplementation has also been shown to reduce resting inflammatory markers. Arachidonic acid is a major constituent of muscle cell membranes. It accounts for roughly 10-25% of the fatty acid content here. When the muscles are damaged during training, this fatty acid is rapidly released and metabolized to local signaling molecules called prostaglandins. These send messages to increase protein synthesis and repair/build the muscles.*



What can we expect from Anabolic Pump? 

Anabolic Pump can stake its claim as the true x-factor product you are currently not taking. It’s unique ability to increase hypertrophy non hormonally is truly revolutionary. All while aiding in the hardest muscle pumps you have had in your life. Anabolic Pump is best used when users are experiencing a “plateau” in there gains or users who are not getting enough ARA in their diets (vegans). Positive feedback has been documented on Anabolic Pump being an excellent product to help “bridge” your PCT. Users can expect an increase of 2-4 lean body weight lbs over 6 to 8 week period.*

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