Cyclostane - Size, Vitality, and Recovery For Men

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  • 4 wk supply 
  • Dosing: 1 am & 1 pm 
  • Run for 4 - 8wks
  • For lean mass and muscularity 


  • 5a OHP (progestin converts to Stanolone) (12.5mg)
  • 1,4 OHP (converts to boldenone aka equipoise) (25 mg)
  • 6-Keto-progesterone (20mg)

  • Stanolone is a pure DHT. DHT exhibits a more balanced anabolic to androgenic activity. Best used by males looking to limit estrogenic activity as much as possible, this is because it cannot aromatize into estrogen like other compounds. DHT can also affect the neuromuscular system, which undoubtedly helps with physical performance and adaptability to a program. Note that DHT compounds as a whole do not cause much growth, more of a performance or lean bulk product. But again we know that a "cutting" compound can be effectively used for "bulking" of calories are present.

    Boldenone is a derivative of testosterone that acts significantly less androgenic than testosterone because of it being a poor substrate for 5a-reductase enzyme. This is positive because it eliminates a lot of the negative androgenic side effects. It also converts to estrogen at half the rate of testosterone. Though it still has androgenic activity it favors being an anabolic. This is best reserved for males looking to bulk up. Results expected would very quality muscle mass vs quantity, notable increases in vascularity and appetite(another plus for the mass cycles).

    6-Keto-progesterone is touted as a true anabolic and having zero estrogenic or androgenic properties. Think of this as being similar to Laxobolic, that's not to say laxogenin can not be stacked with Cyclostane. This is a great compound to have to increase the overall aggressiveness of Cyclostane without adding any unwanted side effects that could be presented if we just took higher doses of 5aOHP & 1,4OHP. 

    What can we expect from Cyclostane? 

    If calories are present and the user stacks it with other growth enhancing products such as Epigrow and Anabolic Pump we could see some serious size in a 4 - 8 week cycle. The user will have very lean quality gains, vascularity and hardness. I would expect increases in leanness and musclarity within 10 days. User will also have a notable increase in appetite, energy, drive and libido.

    What to stack it with?

    Stackable products for mass:

    • Anabolic Pump
    • Epigrow
    • Epivar
    • Androdrol/Trenatestin 
    • Laxobolic
    • Alpha Shredded

    Stackable products for cutting:

    • E-Shred
    • Laxobolic
    • Epivar
    • Alpha Shredded
    • Thermos 
    • GDA