Epivar - Natrual Muscle Builder For Men and Women

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  • 4 wk supply 
  • Dosing: 1 am & 1 pm 
  • Run for 4 - 12wks
  • Anti-catabolic 
  • Safe for females


  • Epiandrosterone (converts to a stanolone) (100mg)
  • 7-Keto DHEA (anti catabolic) (25mg)

  • Epiandrosterone is another pure DHT derivative similar to the one used in Cyclostane but with more drive, energy and aggression . Epiandro exhibits a more balanced anabolic to androgenic activity both double that of testosterone. Best used by males looking to limit estrogenic activity as much as possible, this is because it cannot aromatize into estrogen like other compounds. DHT can also affect the neuromuscular system, which undoubtedly helps with physical performance and adaptability to a program. Note that DHT compounds as a whole do not cause much growth, more of a performance or lean bulk product. But again we know that a "cutting" or “dry” compound can be effectively used for "bulking" if calories are present. I would recommend not stacking with an estrogen blocker IE: E-Shred if size is the goal. The Epiandro in Epivar makes it fantastic as a standalone product but also easily stackable with other anabolics for users wanting to really drive results. This is the same ingredient that is in Alpha Shredded so do not stack these two.. that will lead to users experiencing negative side effects. 

    7-Keto DHEA is not prohormone in the traditional since. It's more of an Anti-catabolic than an actual anabolic. This ingredient can yield lean muscle mass but it's going to do this via reducing protein degradation, therefore our proteins/bcaa/eaa and other various recovery supplements are going to work all the better.

    What can we expect from Epivar? 

    Epivar is going to be an awesome asset for stores because it's going to open a new category of users. For example females can use Epivar without fear of getting nasty virilization effects that they would from higher doses or other anabolics in the series. Users will expect very lean quality gains when in a surplus in calories, improved nutrient utilization and less fatigue from training programs. Perfect for anyone on a cut or someone not looking to jump into the heavier anabolic/androgens. I wouldn't use this as a standalone for a mass cycle but could absolutely be very effective by itself on a cut. 

    What to stack it with?

    Stackable products for mass:

    • Anabolic Pump 
    • Epigrow
    • Cyclostane 
    • Androdrol
    • Trenatestin 
    • Laxobolic

    Stackable products for cutting:

    • E-Shred
    • Laxobolic 
    • Thermos 
    • GDA 

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